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Tenshi Studios

Tenshi Liner Bundle

Tenshi Liner Bundle

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This bundle is made specifically to help you create the thinnest possible line-work for your nail art needs. The bundle includes 5 different brush lengths, each in an easy to identify color:

     Gold: 3mm long
     Rose Gold: 5mm long
     Pink: 7mm long
     Silver: 9mm long
     Charcoal Gray: 12mm long

The handles are all made of metal, are alcohol AND acetone resistant, easy to clean, and the caps are made to perfectly close without risk of crushing the delicate nylon bristles. You can also secure the cap on the back of the brush (like you would a pen) for a longer handle, which provides better balance for beginners.

The entire shaft & cap of each brush is 17.8cm (7inches) long so they should comfortably fit most standard pen/pencil cases.

Please note, some of the handles have a hole at the very back end of the shaft, these are necessary for certain metal materials during the manufacturing process and do not signal a defect to the overall design of the brush.

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Each brush is 17.8cm long x .7cm wide / 7 inches long x .5 inches wide

Care Instructions

Brush handles are alcohol & acetone resistant. Nylon bristles are best cleaned with clear gel (be careful not to accidentally cure) and wiped down with an alcohol soaked, lint-free wipe.

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